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General Transcript

  •  S1 00:00  The first question—these interview questions are questions that I’m asking all of the teachers in this study. So you’re not technically in this study. You’re actually considered part of the triangulation because of your role in bringing the coaching program to Melissa ISD. Would you describe how coaching started in the school district?

  •  S2 00:27  Yeah, and it was actually Cheryl that initiated that – Cheryl Gonzales, right? Her last name just left me. I’m so embarrassed. I just had a mind drain. But Cheryl actually was the one that initiated the coaching program, and I believe she started the discussion with Dr Rich and he said, “Well, I know a consultant, or I know someone that’s involved in that.” So I’m actually describing how I got in. But my understanding is that this was something that Cheryl wanted to initiate on her campus, and that is where we started – right there at Harry McKillop. Any time you need more, tell me more.


  •  S1 01:17   Okay. Thank you so much. Why do you believe that coaching was implemented here?

  •  S2 01:23   My understanding—and that’s a great question because I got partially into it and started asking myself that question at points. So my initial understanding was that it was to support the special learning community, because if you will recall—and I can’t remember if you were there then, Beth, or not, so you’ll have to remind me. But if you will recall, if you were there, Cheryl had done a lot of training around special learning communities. And I think her goal was to take it to the next level by starting a peer coaching program.

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