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  •  S1 02:33  Because what’s going to happen here in a matter of a few minutes is that one of those people on that plane is going to shoot the pilot. I know that. I didn’t plan it, but I know it’s going to happen. They’re going to shoot that pilot and down comes that plane into the jungle. And we had better not have any of our children left when it’s over because they’ll parachute in here on us. I’m telling you just as plain as I know how to tell you. I’ve never lied to you. I never have lied to you. I know that’s what’s going to happen. That’s what it intends to do and he will do it. He’ll do it.

  • S1 03:12 Fortunately being so bewildered with many pressures on my brain seeing all these people behave so treasonous, it was just too much for me to put together, but I now know what he was telling me and it’ll happen. If the plane gets in the air, even. So my opinion is that we be kind to children and be kind to seniors and take the portion like they used to take in ancient Greece and step over quietly because we are not committing suicide. It’s a revolutionary act. We can’t go back. They won’t leave us alone. They’re now going back to tell more lies which means more congressmen, and there’s no way – no way – we can survive.

  • S1 04:04   Anyone that has any dissenting opinion, please speak. Yes? You can have an opportunity but if our children are left, we are going to have them butchered. We can make a strike but we’ll be striking against people that we don’t want to strike against. We’d like to get the people who caused this stuff and if some people here are prepared to know how to do that, to go into town and get Timothy Stoen, but there’s no plane. There’s no plane. You can’t catch a plane in time. He’s responsible for it. He brought these people to us. He and Diana Myrtle. The people in San Francisco will not be idle with this. Do not take our death in vain. Yes, Missy?