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MS. BACHS:  Was there any reason why you didn’t submit the renewal application at the same time you submitted the fees?

DR. DUBOIS:  It was actually by snail mail. The payment can actually be done online but you have to submit the application just by mailing it and I just did not get it in the mail.

MS. BACHS:  Because it looks like from the receipt that you provided, it says: The completed renewal application should be submitted by email or by mail to the address on the form. Were you aware that you could email the form?

DR. DUBOIS:  I don’t believe I was aware of that.  I simply thought I had to send it in the mail.

MS. BACHS: Did they -- when a license expires, does the DPS send you a second notification telling you that your license is expired?

DR. DUBOIS:  The certificate, when the certificate expires --

MS. BACHS:  I misspoke, your certificate. Do they send a second notification saying that your certificate has expired?

DR. DUBOIS: Again, if they sent it, it is to the address on file which is the employer’s address.I did not get a second notification from Foremost Family Health Center.

MS. BACHS:  Did you sign this Implement Agreement that I have a copy of on Pages 32 and 33a of the packet?


MS. BACHS:  Okay.  And does the agreement indicate that you are -- it looks like that the agreement can be terminated if there is any sort of -- it says (indiscernible) to obtain a license or practice medicine in the State of Texas, a revocation, cancellation, suspension, or probation of physician’s license to practice medicine in the State of Texas. Were you aware that you could be terminated if you didn’t maintain your proper licensing and certificates?

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